I’ve been taking photographs since I was fourteen years old.   To give you a rough idea, that's a pretty long time.  Today, with Jeff Rose Images and Jeff Rose Retro, you can be certain your photographs will be beautiful!  

The pictures we’ll make are a product of a true group effort! By combining our imaginations, we will make our collective visions come to life.

I’ve been called a visionary and an artist, but I am always humbled by that.  Still, I am proud to have been featured in a few publications and on several web sites. My work has been accepted to juried art shows!

In my free time, I volunteer at local hospitals with my certified therapy dog.  My wife and I enjoy the beach, swing dancing and discovering everything Charleston has to offer!

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Selfie in a mirror, May, 2013.

Selfie in a mirror, May, 2013.